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Little Bi Peep
Little Bi Peep
Title:Little Bi Peep
Links:IMDB, Trailer, & FaceBook
Production:Extra / Ordinary Film Project
Director:Jon Russell Cring & Anna Shields
Cinematographer:Tracey Nichole Cring
Writer:Anna Shields
Cast:Anna Shields, Kevin Craig West, Laura LaFrate, & Mikaela Holmes
Producer:Jon Russell Cring, Tracey Nichole Cring, Anna Shields, Mark Fallon, Andrew Balog, & Jack Skyyler
Runtime:78 minutes
Synopsis:Little Bi Peep is an indie feature comedy about the myriad of relationships of a 23 year-old bisexual who seems incapable of connecting with another person or telling the truth.
Best Comedy DirectorBest Feature ComedyBest Supporting Actress