Dear Skyyler,
Infested Ship
Infested Ship
Title:"Infested Ship"
Links:IMDBThe U.S.S. Salem's Haunted Ship Website
Media:StillsTrailer or Full Film
Genre:Undead Horror
Production:Dear Skyyler Productions
Director:Alex Zinzopoulos, Jack Skyyler, & Joel Brook
Cinematographer:Joel Brook
Writer:Alex Zinzopoulos, Joel Brook, & Jack Skyyler
Cast:Jerry Dwyer Jr., Anna Shields, Vanessa Gall, Jonathan Herook, Lee Simonds, & Jeremy Blaiklock
Producer:Mike Condon
Runtime:10 minutes
Tagline:They were looking for ghosts, what they found was much worse...
Synopsis:Following the rumors of a haunting aboard the heavy gun cruiser: the U.S.S. Salem. Four friends break into the ship to check it out. Once they are inside they ship they encounter a coven of undead at feeding time. Trapped aboard the ship the friends struggle to survive until dawn and keep what they can of their sanity.
Location:The U.S. Battleship: the U.S.S. Salem
Status:In Festivals
Best Short HorrorBest Short Horror Director