Dear Skyyler,
Haunted Ship: Casting

Gender   Age-Range   Description
Female18-30Strong Female Lead: Plays an spiritualist/medium who is the guide for the cast and crew of the reality TV show when all hell breaks loose.
Male25-33Situational Villain: Plays the director of a reality TV show who puts his cast into the worst possible situation just to get a great TV show.
Male18-29Strong Male Lead: Plays an Ex-TV-Series somebody now; selling out, putting his name on a reality TV show. Good looking, charming, charismatic, natural leader.
Male18-35Male Lead: Plays the unexpected hero of the story who discovers the one weakness of the entity killing them off.
Male18-29Male Lead: Plays a burned out ex-jock who becomes possessed, a powerful/dynamic character.
Female18-26Female Lead: Romantic interested to Tucker, the first character to die.
Compensation:   Pay will be relatively standard for low budget films.
Lodging/Meals:   Lodged will be provided in the officer's quarters of The U.S.S. Salem.
(dormitory-style rooms: Wi-Fi & TV)

Meals will be provided by the production.