Dear Skyyler,
Haunted Ship
Haunted Ship
Title:Haunted ShipThe U.S.S. Salem
Tagline:It will drive you to insanity.
Genre:Psychological/Supernatural Horror
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Production:Dear Skyyler Productions
Haunted Ship at the U.S.S. Salem
Setting/Location:The U.S.S. Salem: a decommissioned U.S. heavy gun cruiser, 717 feet long, the world's largest all-gun heavy-cruiser.
Buzz:The Salem is an internationally recognized haunting which has been featured on numerous TV shows such as Ghost Hunters and A&E's Ghost Story.
Synopsis:The cast and crew of a reality TV show are sealed into the haunted ship from sunset to sunrise. Inside, they become victims of a supernatural predator who turns them against each other and begins to kill them off one by one...
Videos:Short Promo: "Infested Ship"The U.S.S. Salem walk-through
Producer(s):Joe Charbanic, Jack Skyyler, Alex Zinzopoulos, Joel Brook, Chip Mefford, Glynn Praesel, & Mike Condon
Director:Joe Charbanic
Cinematographer:Ross W. Clarkson
Special Effects:Chip Mefford
Writer:Jack Skyyler
Cast:Grace HuangCasting...
Crew:Paul Morin & David BenedettiStaffing...
Runtime:Approximately 100 minutes