Dear Skyyler,
Ghostship Chronicles: Origin
Ghostship Chronicles: Origin
Title:Ghostship Chronicles: Origin
Tagline:A simple documentary... Six souls lost for eternity...
Genre:Psychological/Supernatural Horror
Links:IMDB, FaceBook, & Teaser
Production:Dear Skyyler Productions
Haunted Ship at the U.S.S. Salem
Setting/Location:The U.S.S. Salem: a decommissioned U.S. heavy gun cruiser, 717 feet long, the world's largest all-gun heavy-cruiser.
Buzz:The Salem is an internationally recognized haunting which has been featured on numerous TV shows such as Ghost Hunters and A&E's Ghost Story.
Synopsis:Six paranormal investigators are trapped in a bizarre alternate existence inside the U.S.S. Salem, and we see their experience through the footage retrieved from their cameras... They are not in the U.S.S. Salem at least not in our world year in 2012. The group is seeing their own ghosts; and they''re not even dead, yet...
Videos:Short Promo: "Infested Ship"The U.S.S. Salem walk-through
Producer(s):Joe Charbanic, Jack Skyyler, Joel Brook, Alex Zinzopoulos, Glynn Praesel, & Mike Condon
Director(s):Jack Skyyler, Alex Zinzopoulos, & Joel Brook
Cinematographer:Joel Brook
Writer:Jack Skyyler
Cast:Anna Shields, Jerry Dwyer Jr., Stephen Medvidick, Joe Michael Phillips, C. C. Ice, & Vanessa Gall
Crew:Paul Morin & David Benedetti
Shoot Date(s):September 3, 2012 - September 22, 2012
Runtime:Approximately 100 minutes